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Did a Pot Hole Cause a Fiery Studio City California Car Accident?

Scene of Studio City Car Accident

Scene of Studio City Car Accident

Studio City – California

An elderly driver was rushed to the hospital after losing control of her car and smashing into a brick wall.

It happened at approximately 11:30 this morning on the 11700 block of Ventura Blvd. just west of Colfax Avenue.

Witnesses say the woman was driving through an alley on the northbound side of the street when she hit a pothole and careened across both lanes of traffic before slamming into the wall.

“She ran the curb and hit the wall,” said one of the responding LAPD officers.

Police, citing privacy concerns, refused to comment further. However, it did not appear the woman’s injuries were life threatening.

Traffic was slowed travelling eastbound on Ventura Boulevard while the woman was carefully loaded into an ambulance.

Now Police State that the Pothole is not to Blame

 Police determined that witness reports of a pothole were not to blame for a crash that injured an elderly driver.

Officer Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Media Relations Department says the driver simply “lost control” of her vehicle before slamming into a brick wall on the 11700 block of Ventura Boulevard.

According to Officer Rayner, the driver, identified as an 82-year-old female, was headed southbound on Colfax Avenue and attempting to make a right hand turn onto Ventura Boulevard. Investigating officers are still unclear as to what caused the woman to lose control.

The driver was rushed to the hospital complaining of injuries. Police say she suffered a broken bone but the injuries are not life threatening.

The accident happened Friday morning at approximately 11:30 a.m. Traffic was slowed heading eastbound on Ventura Boulevard as paramedics loaded the woman into an ambulance and responding officers stopped to take witness statements.

I have done many cases where potholes and other road conditions have caused accidents. In my work as a car accident attorney, I have seen the police make incorrect conclusions about the cause of an accident many times.

A police report is not admissible for any purpose in a personal injury trial, except to impeach an officer’s testimony.

The bottom line is that an accident reconstruction expert with solid credentials is the best person to determine the cause of a car crash.

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