How Much Money is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

California Personal Injury Lawyer Norman Gregory Fernandez discusses case valuations.As a personal Injury Lawyer the number one question I get from every prospective or existing client is; how much money will I get for my personal injury case?

The actual answer to the question is that no personal injury lawyer can honestly tell you the answer to the question unless they have E.S.P. or are clairvoyant.

Not only is each case is different, but an attorney would have to be a clairvoyant to be able to predict the outcome of your case. If you do find a personal injury lawyer who promises he will get you a million dollars in a rear ender soft tissue injury case, ask him to put it in writing and then sign up with him or her! They would be contractually obligated to get you what they promised if they put their promise in writing! I know of NO Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer who would make such promises, or put such promises in writing! All we as personal injury lawyers can promise to do is our best to get you what you are entitled to. Anyway…………..

I have heard stories of some shysters out there promising the world to potential new personal injury clients, just to get them to sign up with their office. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! A good and reputable personal injury lawyer cannot, and will not predict the outcome of a case during an initial consultation where the damages that have been incurred are not even known yet.

With that being said a good personal injury lawyer can look at the many factors that come into play in your particular personal injury case to determine what a case may be worth with regards to settlement value. There is a huge difference between a lawyer telling you what you case may be worth without knowing your damages, and a lawyer telling you what the settlement value of your case may be after a through examination of the facts and damages in your case once they are ascertained.

Did you pick up on how I talk about settlement value? You see there is a huge difference between the settlement value of a case, and a potential jury verdict! Once a case goes before a jury, all bets are off. The value of your case is what they jury decides it is worth no matter what is argued. They can decide to not give you anything at all. Jury awards in California depend on 9 out of 12 jurors reaching a consensus on your case. Some courthouses and counties are known to be more liberal or conservative than others which is also a factor in what a jury may do. It is therefore impossible for any personal injury lawyer to predict what a jury will do with a case once they get it.

Experienced personal injury lawyers such as myself, have formulas that we use to determine what a good settlement value of a case may be both before and/or during litigation. After doing so many cases for so many years, I have a very good idea of what the settlement value of a particular case may be.

Personal injury case valuations depend on many things such as; nature and extent of injuries; medical bills; future medical bills; permanent bodily damage; out of pocket expenses, etc. Obviously a person who tries to work their own personal injury case without a lawyer has no clue what they are entitled to, and will end up getting little or nothing if they go at it on their own.

So going back to the original question; what is your personal injury case worth? The answer is that it all depends! Your first step should be to retain a competent personal injury lawyer and then go from there.

If you, your family, or your friends have been injured anywhere in the State of California, you may call my office for a free consultation at 800-816-1529.

By Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq., © 2007


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